run while you can

Headline: Old News.

Rendered obsolete; Madison, WI. Winter 2010.

Any effective role model means to light fires- and inspire. My coming-of-age, as far as I know quite incomplete, has been littered with mentors and educators stressing the importance of ‘tomorrow.’ Now, I’ve never liked the phrase: ‘tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life;’ it lacks realistic assertion and forgets social collectivism. Even yet, ‘tomorrow’ symbolizes a passing of the torch from one generation to the next. This process is ongoing, as each day new members of the worldly community make their voices heard.

My generation has suffered the blow of unnecessary nomenclature. From Generation Y to Generation Next, we have been labeled as highly commercial. In an effort to further complicate this dilemma, I have devised another possible name for this group that includes myself and my peers: “generation dot com.”

To explain, those born between the mid-80’s and mid-90’s have matured along with the internet. We witnessed, if not absorbed such entities as Netscape Navigator and Windows DOS. The age of the personal computer: a bombshell that has yet to reveal its fallout. Our generation has found media centralized on ONE screen, both in terms of production and reception. We are the internet. Dominated dominators.

Although this message may be construed as grim (‘the end of a truly human age’), I beg to differ. Obviously the worldwide web is a haven for experiencing the benefits of misbehavior; however, as a force of equal opportunity, the web offers this earth a highly educated, cultured society. A portal to collectivity and collaboration, the internet teaches common ground via communication.

Still, I am most likely blowing this theory out of proportion. Due to our consumeristic nature, members of my generation rapidly move from one source to the next. Perhaps the internet is merely the next 8-track or laser disc. Maybe we’ll crucify the internet only to realize our folly years later. Eh. The internet is heaven and hell at once- much more conveniently accessed though.


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