run while you can


Falling flakes and cold steel.

The most unpredictable season, in terms of my temperament, is easily winter. It sneaks up every year, regardless if the first flakes fail to fall until February or not. Yes. F— winter.

Still, here we are, waist deep in what misguided people call ‘wonderland,’ and bitter cold’s potency has yet to shake my will. Perhaps my body has finally found peace in its native land. But that’s not where I’m putting my money- my jaw chatters chaotically with a strong gust of wind and my hands turn an otherwise pleasant shade of purple when left ungloved. No, I have not coped physically; I’ve coped using ingenuity.

Here is my proposal: Since winter gives me so many lemons, we ought to make lemonade the official drink of the season. Stay with me here. Obviously most folks prefer steaming cups of hot cocoa or tea this time of year, so… let’s serve lemonade boiling hot. The benefits are innumerable. Kids can now run their lemonade stands year-round. And the fine chaps over at Minute Maid will no longer have to suffer a slow season.

You heard it here first: Hot lemonade.

Fruits rock. But YUM FAT!!!


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