run while you can

Upheld image.

Impatient boy on window pane. My room. Spring 2010.

Seated face-forward. And staring.

A trustworthy talking head behind a lectern

asking this of the name Kathy Chattle:

In what ways is this a play-on-words?

One you said: “Women are chatty.”

Notably not in agreement, I smile

but remain quite all the while,

a slave to my superior self.

Another you, not listening,

engrossed in a note, not notes-

a friend, presumably in cyberspace.

And again, yet another removed,

pretending behind a screen,

seeking more playful entertainment.

In silence I sit still, nodding it off.

Hearing others voice this about that-

hardly even entitled to that.

All this nonsense-

in an effort to find some sense.


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