run while you can

Brian Anderson: Like a badass tsunami.

Brian Anderson. Initial acronym: Bad Ass. A not-so-trashy ollie in SF.

Alright. The blog has been a little slow lately. I nearly forgot to do a skater feature this week. Like anyone cares.

As well, I apologize for more nonsense than smirkables. My funny bone was broken by a brigade of bums asking only 25 cents.

But back to BA, I know he is tall and that his long legs mean he is capable of reaching great heights. Nevertheless, this man refused to abandon the boneless unlike so many others, and his Yeah Right! section ended with a fakie varial flip down a sizable set- rather peculiar. Brian Anderson does what he wants and gets what he deserves: a friendship with the coolest female skater of all time, a spot on some of the most steady teams in the industry, and the right to wear just about whatever he wants. The only thing he is lacking is a pro shoe- which Nike obviously has the money to provide and hopefully will not delay in doing so. Congratulations BA! You are this week’s Like a Wave number one killa.

Crooked teeth and a cardigan. Photo: Jon Humphries.


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