run while you can

Stu Graham: Like a swell about to break.

Stu Graham. Photograph courtesy of Skatebook.

This week’s featured skater takes us far from the shores of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Yes, there are a lot of rad dads out there, but Stu Graham might take the cake as the raddest. Hailing from Livingston, Scotland, this ripper represents all that is both beastly and beautiful about skateboarding. A toothless smile and unmistakeable style make Stu stand out among other transition killers. Need proof? Watch the man ollie into a pool, get gnarly in a kilt, or, my personal favorite, take a back lip to sugarcane territory. Nonstop bangers, mate, nonstop.

Gorilla challenges gravity at Washington Street. Photograph courtesy of Osiris Shoes.


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