run while you can

Gilbert Crockett: Unpredictable like a wave.

I guess this is skateboarder Gilbert Crockett. I guess.

Despite an influx in quality coverage, Gilbert has been treating the skateboard industry as if it were an overly generous foster parent. While a Black Box boy, Gil lived within the confines of their distribution warehouse in Carlsbad, California, taking full advantage of Jamie Thomas’ hospitality and a massive indoor skate park.  Despite this seemingly dreamy setup, Gil recently vacated his seat as a Mystery and Fallen amateur. The decision to join the Alien Workshop must have been black and white for the native Virginian. Doin’ his own thang back at home, Gilbert has put out two well-constructed video parts and proceeded to pursue a shoe sponsor. In his most recent footage, Gil can be seen in Vans and Adidas kicks, both admirable suppliers of soles.

Gilbert, your ability to keep the skate community guessing has earned you the title of this week’s Waver! You go Gil!!! Your nonchalant, coke-snorting demeanor and beautiful hair should also be cited as reasons for recieving this honor.

Bright and colorful, full of surprises- like the length of your shorts.


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