run while you can

Ricky Oyola: Fluid like a wave.

A true champion. Phillie's finest: Ricky Oyola.

The underrated, skater’s skater, Ricky Oyola manages to keep classic street pushing look fresh. Heard a couple of inspiring rumors about this fellow:

1) Gossip  gained at a highly credible Wikipedia page claims that his company, Traffic Skateboards, home of past Weekly Waver Bobby Puleo, got its name on account of Ricky’s apparent disregard for traffic while skating east coast cities.

2) Ricky once left an indoor skatepark demo to hit the streets. A line of loyal ducklings followed him out the door.

Alright, since we’re no trashy tabloid here at dudebrah, I’ll stick to the facts. Ricky is a couple decades deep in the skate scene. He boosts a respectful repertoire of video parts.  A highly creative, speedy shredder- footage from Eastern Exposure 3 and New Deal’s Seven Year Glitch stand out as exemplary of Ricky’s dedication to only the rawest forms of street skating. Both are highly recommended- especially if you are open to legitimate, make-shift jump ramp ripping.

Congratulations Ricky on being this week’s Waver! You’re a real American hero. Or merely another unrecognized contributor to skateboarding at large.

And just where do you think you're going? 5-0 to fakie drop off--


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