run while you can

Define: ‘destiny.’

'The empty chair where dad sits' by Richard Smith.

We pitted schools against one another

like forcing numbers to fight letters,

mathematics versus semantics;

a brain left, the right brain.

Maybe, like is societally stressed,

men are the linear ones;

women are lacking, irrational.

Some see superiority; others, equality.

Is there any truth in opportunity?

A degree fit for immediate occupation

or an eternally empty piggybank.

A young girl told not to educate-

barely a step ahead of asserting

she is not fit for education at all.

A young boy encouraged to pursue

whatever he pleases, so long as

he wins bread and to the open flame

confines his culinary practices.

-You keep calling me a conspiracy theorist,

but continue to prescribe to predestination.

Maybe freewill falls by the wayside

while we seize control over the future

that ought belong to the innocent ones.


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