run while you can

Jerry Hsu: Distinctive like a wave.

Hsu sleeps with shoe.

Avid followers of the blog should not be surprised by this week’s Waver, as a link to his site of peculiar photographs is provided under dudebrah’s ‘More Nonsense’ section. In addition to his Nazi Gold, Jerry Hsu contributes an individual, casual style to skateboarding. Certainly no new-comer, Jerry’s scope of video parts demonstrates his status as a skate legend. From Maple’s Black Cat to his double part in Bag of Suck, Hsu proves that talent has little to do with seriousness. His aptitude for jungle gyms, bunny costumes, and lighting himself on fire prove that he values good old-fashioned fun.

Looking past his personality and skill, Jerry was able to pull off the D3/ baggy jeans look that almost killed skateboarding during the 90’s. This, coupled with his love of The Smiths, is what earned him recognition as a Waver. Jerry, I have no trophy to offer; however, if you’re ever around… fifteen minutes with you– oh, well, I wouldn’t say no.

The over-crookedness with a pop-out.


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