run while you can

Brent Atchley: Loose like a wave.

Atchley in focus. In shades.

Coming at you this week is a man that maintains grace under fire. Brent Atchley, I welcome you to Waver status. Sure, you’ve made some less-than-kosher career moves, but these discrepancies hardly taint your more radical maneuvers.

As far as I know, Brent is currently without a board or shoe sponsor. Element is known for disgruntling its riders by treating them like spokespeople rather than skateboarders. If this is the case, as I gather from a rather candid ESPN interview, I side with the shredder one hundred percent. Brent has put out some of the best transition footage to date. If you feel this is an overstatement, please reference his part in Elementality Vol 1. His fluid form on a board is unlike many transition skaters. Even whilst rotating a 360 flip, it seems his setup never leaves his feet.

Brent, I support your decision to leave that corporate excuse for a skateboard company. I hope others follow in your path. You didn’t look good in their clothes anyway. Nothing against you; their design department seems to be headed by middle school students that still lace their kicks the fat way. Or maybe it’s just Chad Muska’s influence. Come on, the guy favors designing shoes that look like trophies. No matter, I trust you will find better sponsors that treat you right and allow you more independence. Best wishes, Waver!

The funky one-footer.


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