run while you can

Soulmates in cyberspace.

Not between the Tigris and Euphrates. Mt. Baker-Snoqualmine National Forest. Summer 2009.

I read your profile on eHarmony.

Or maybe it was;

whatever, you’re a stud muffin.

I find your hair absolutely irresistible.

You like movies and music?

You eat food? Me too, me too!

Let’s eat food together.

And talk about the future.

Or maybe just our dreams.

You’re in all of mine, sugar pie.

Chasing you, a mirage in the desert.

I want your waterfalls and tropical fruit.

I’ll redefine original sin in your paradise.

The sauciest details are on the table–

if only you’d respond to my messages.

All I want is my macho man.

I don’t disappoint. I promise.

Me as a macho man. Naturally. First Spooner Household. Fall 2007.


One response

  1. Titty Fish

    Me thinks your trying to allude to Mr. Mucho Maas. Still… a nice thumbs up about the dating thing. High five to dying alone and avoiding the “i like food too” or ” do you ever get wood ticks?” talks.

    May 4, 2010 at 5:12 am

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