run while you can

Jason Adams: Spraying like a wave.

Jason Adams on the lonely road to nowhere. Photo: Jon Humphries.

Naturally Like a Wave has featured some of the best in skateboarding. This week Jason Adams is taking that up a notch. He skates furiously, pushing fast with a menacing stare in his eyes. His frail body looks constantly at odds with the harsh terrain he chooses to attack.

Jason is also a talented spray paint artist. He takes iconic images and rethinks their color contrasts. Jason can cut one mean stencil! Elvis, Joe Strummer, Johnny Cash– Adams only selects the best to paint.

Looking at his part anthology, Jason has offered plenty of footage over the years. Many of his signature tricks are coming back in style within contemporary street skating. Jason was never afraid to slappy a curb like a hellcat while everyone else seemed stuck slaying handrails.

Congratulations, Kid!!! Don’t use your six-shooter on me. I wish I was important enough to have a price on my head.

The Kid goes Boneless. Photo from Tiltmode Army.


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