run while you can

Paint chips and dip.

Rain overnight. Last Spooner Household. Madison, WI. Spring 2010.

Throw a surprise party for yourself; you deserve it.

Of course you know your favorite kind of cake,

which is carrot by the way, in case you forgot.

Bake in the morning, after breakfast in bed-

brought to you by yourself: coffee and cereal.

Then ask yourself: what else is on the menu?

Go errand running; decorate while you’re out.

At the store, grab some guacamole and chips.

At the apartment, streamers and a penis piñata-

you’re immature enough to giggle at that artifact.

Hide yourself behind the couch. Keep quiet or else.

Jump out when you hear yourself open the door.

As with everything else, the rest is entirely up to you.

Nobody better at making you happy than yourself.

Never mind the mess, my friend, this is your day.


One response

  1. The picture is perfect. Well done.

    May 9, 2010 at 12:57 am

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