run while you can

The earth was late to meet the sky.

The happiest corner in the city. Madison, WI. Spring 2010.

A plush case covered in feathers containing a magnifying glass.

Sure, my sight isn’t too standard, but I’d like you out of it altogether.

Up there, all airy, not a care in the world; entitled to act above everyone.

Myself, grounded by definition; a gift glued with reminders of immobility.

They’re for the birds. I’d be flightless at best. Ostriches and penguins.

Or a canary in a cage. Constantly at odds with the cats and dogs. Raining.

Flooding my mind. Your drops do me well. Nourish my life. But I cannot-

keep up, continue. We had a meeting place picked. The horizon line.

But I refuse to be on time. Even an hour tardy, you’d yet to arrive. Why?


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