run while you can

Sidewalk chalk board.

Tonite. Madison, WI. Spring 2007.

Benjamin Godfrey-

You play at a lot of things… much like a child. Yeah, wanting to run through the sprinkler in the backyard, looking back, seeking parental approval to spray your sisters with the hose. Errand running with mom. Building outbuildings with dad.

You know,the simple, sheltered life of suburbia. Ben, your memories make you; it’s a cliche.

You’re working at a restaurant where the dishwashers do the plating. And the answer here isn’t: sometimes life is just like that. You are constantly considering your future. Constantly. You make baby steps though, never real coups. Coup de tat, son, you got the power.

Assertiveness though, not full on aggression. Maybe get skateboarding off your mind for a minute or two too. That would definitely do you some good. On that note, where have your weekly wavers been? Whatever you’ve instituted in this interim period, whatever it is, it isn’t working that well.

Honestly, if you could find time to focus a bit more on just about everything, that would be appreciated.

Still smashing and grabbing,

Julius Keen


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