run while you can

Alex Olson: Chic like a wave.

A deep-end backside air.

Yes, these early summer weeks have seen more actual skateboarding than skater-oriented features. My apologies for the semi-extended stint. Still, have no fear, the Weekly Wavers have returned. The week’s ripper keeps it classic and classy. Ladies and gentleman, don’t assume for one second that dudebrah has exhausted the supply of talented tail-scrappers. Many more to come!

Among other assertions, John Donne withheld that ‘no man is an island.’ In effect, this ideal holds true with skater/heart-throb Alex Olson. A second-generation professional, it seems that Alex is part and parcel of skateboarding at large. Nonetheless, there is something inherently individual about Alex’s skating. His footage appears instantly timeless, even sans the side-striped waffle grips.

Perhaps a product of his apparent angst, Alex seems above the notion of over-glorified skating. This stance is at odds with contest circuits and unusual endorsements. Alex embodies a form of skating that only requires a plank of wood and wheels, no need for arenas and a cheering section. What he lacks in charisma, he more than makes up for in looks. My advice, forget the pavement and get on a runway.

Alex "Dreamboat" Olson. Photo: Patrick Odell.


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