run while you can

Daniel Shimizu: Evasive like a wave.

Daniel Shimizu backside nosegrind. Courtesy of Insight Apparel.

Back in 2007, Electronic Arts released a video game called ‘Skate.’ The game itself never kept me up at night drinking Rockstar and eating garbage. Still, EA sports produced a series of promotional ads starring skaters featured in the game. The basis for each commercial revolved around answering one fundamental question: what made you a skater? Mark Gonzales considers skateboarding a means of “conquering boredom.” Mike Carroll, avoiding the question, says it was either skateboard or make out with chicks. My favorite of the series belongs to previous Waver, Jerry Hsu. Jerry’s personality, though highlighted by a terrific sense-of-humor, makes clear an angst over unoriginality. Thusly, he cites personal expression as his reason from becoming a skateboarder. Jerry makes one rather poignant observation. “…You can look at a silhouette of a photo of a guy, and you can know who it is.” To a skater, there is nothing outlandish about this statement. Or similar ones. You can look at a snapshot, mid-flip rotation, and know what trick is being performed. You can watch someone place their feet a certain way, crouch down, and know what to expect before they leap into the air. It is a fool’s science.

This rather lengthy introduction is merely to acknowledge that Daniel Shimizu produces easily identifiable photographs. From his choice of spots, clothing and tricks, Daniel makes his individuality well known. He’s not just a photo monger either. Daniel’s video part catalogue showcases more talent behind the lens. His footage in That’s Life is especially compelling. One of his lengthy opening lines ends in a nollie nose manual around a long, circular ledge. Jargon aside, Shimizu brings together a sense of effortlessness and careful consideration. He never floods the industry with mediocre coverage.

Ah, such a segmented ode to Shimizu. Nonetheless, dudebrah proudly welcomes Daniel as a fluid, killer Waver. Pop the champagne kids!!!

Looks like one of those peace-loving nincompoops.


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