run while you can

Headline News! Relocation, renovation, and reconciliation.

Look at me. Seoul, South Korea. Winter 2011.

Benny Boy,

Traveling halfway around the world may have seemed proper means to leave your past self behind, start anew. But your efforts to evade me have failed. Boo-hoo. We’re in this mess together; I tell you what to do.

On that note, I openly relinquish my sour attitude. Time has taught me that you do not respond well to pointed criticism. I mean to inspire, to force you into production, to curb your consumption of nonsense. At any rate, you are too emotional to be motivated by my methods of demoralization. Thusly, I would like to reintroduce myself, your id. Still lighting a fire behind you for survival’s sake, now by annoyance.

Assuming you have read closely, your head has been out of the clouds long enough to get a good look at our landscape. I crack the whip around these parts now. Such poor repair! You are hereby obligated to clean up your mess. I want roads and schools, libraries and fire departments. Yes, you and I, our new frontier, the new world, we shall set the place ablaze.

Your better half is back from outer space. Let’s sweat. Period. Be on the lookout for me, over your shoulder, in your eyes.


The common sense to your sensibility,

Julius Keen


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