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Dennis Busenitz: Barreling like a wave.

Skateboarding's truth: Dennis Busenitz.

These beginnings, the early days of blog reincarnation, are best characterized by uncertainty. Nonetheless, and as much as it pains our fine sponsors, we, the independent-minded staff at Like a Wave, a dudebrah production, plan on maintaining a fervent commitment to skateboarding. Getting radical is the nature of this endeavor. We believe that freedom is best pursued on four wheels, the faster the better. On that note, Like a Wave proudly introduces Dennis Busenitz.

Weekly Wavers, featured skaters, are selected using a complex list of criteria that would appear almost cryptic to non-rippers. Street credibility is integral to this process. Characteristics such as degree of buttery finesse, general gnarnitude, and steez are crucial to raw street cred. Dennis scored high across the board (get it, board).

Dennis, another all terrain killer, excels at destroying everything from concrete skateparks to the rolling hills of sunny Frisco. Already something of a veteran skateboarder, Booze n’ tits, if you will, has never ceased to push the boundaries. Dennis sweats. He skates fast. For visual stimulation, please scope his part in Adidas’ European offering Diagonal.

Although this footage is old, given skateboarding’s recent but extensive partnership with the Internet, Dennis will be gifting the world with more of his ‘smash-and-grab’ style in REAL Skateboards  Since Day One (to be released soon-ishly). The offices here at dudebrah are twitching with anticipation. Given that Busenitz has a bag of tricks that would make most magicians swoon, expect great things.

Busenitz Back Tails for Skate and Create. Photo courtesy of TWS.


One response

  1. Bro Brah

    Oh Ben, you must have felt so relieved when you saw that Since Day One will be on itunes. I’m twitching in anticipation too. Real is real. Great team, great ads, and probably some of my favorite graphics out there right now- not too complicated, big and simple. The ellipsis is where it’s at.
    If I may make a humble suggestion, I would say to write about skating like you’re talking to skaters, not anybody else. I told you before man, don’t do it. I recently discovered that Umer lets his friends have conversations about skateboarding around him, and it is pitiful to watch. “Yo, if there was a loop around here would you do it? Yo, Rodney Mullen can do darkslides.” I’m telling you what to do: write for skate nerds, not other people.

    February 15, 2011 at 3:21 am

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