run while you can

Do as you will.

Reflection is important. One room. Icheon, South Korea. Winter 2011.

there is a glass in my hand and glass in my foot
someone asleep on a broken treadmill
careless or carefree: such a difference
one more glass, the mirror, me there
not asleep, a pool of water, me there
twice as far as I am from the surface

anywhere else, nowhere really, backwards
leading me lost, making no sound
alone, every tree falls this way, asleep
hope and guess, be my guest
running, running, lids go, rest
shall i call the shots, lucid?

was i once a good kid?
we were all such good kids

my praised wardrobe,
purchased secondhand
my fine china,
made where the name suggests
my down comforter,
and my name,
not just mine.


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