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Austyn Gillette: Crisp like a wave.

Austyn: The Professional. Habitat Skateboards.

Austyn Gillette, a longtime favorite, has recently been given the pro nod by the only company to successfully combine airplanes, animals, and Fred Gall. Yes, Habitat Skateboards is now screen-printing this chap’s name all over seven-ply novelty devices. As such, our selection team here at Live a Wave has made the obvious choice to crown Gillette with a real honer: Waver status.

Although any fan of oatmeal and photography is a candidate for recognition on this fine blog, Gillette takes refinement to another level. Austyn embodies class whilst sipping wine and reading Vonnegut. Another interesting bit about this boy: he purchases a pack of cigarettes from every country he visits, not to blacken his lungs, merely for eye-mesmorization. But enough– This post is supposed to be a skateboarder feature piece, not a less-than-subtle swoon. (Still, needless to say, Gillette is hunk of skater-boy burning love).

Austyn Gillette began his career ambitiously in the Termite Grom camp (Your child here?!?). Gillette’s clean shaven style began to gain notoriety after the debut of Habitat’s second full-length film, Inhabitants. On the tear in 2010, Austyn seemed a non-stop footage factory. He had a Firing Line, a Hell on Wheels section, and a shared Double Rock feature on the Thrasher site alone. While still an amateur, sml. wheels deemed Gillette “signature wheel-worthy” (whatever that means). Austyn also turned heads at the Maloof Money Cup when he put traditional hammers aside and opted to invent his own variety.  Affiliates of this website maintain hope that Gillette’s crisp yet fluid form might yet have a greater impact on competitive skateboarding at large. (After all, Like a Wave supports the notion that skateboarding is more about how than what). Finally, Gillette’s  most recent offering in Origin rightfully popped the pro-dom cherry.

Yo, Austyn, well deserved! Keep the quality coverage coming. The merlot is in the mail…

Austyn Ollies Switch in San Fran. Photo: Morf.


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