run while you can

A gentleman waits.

Women! Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Summer 2010.

“After you, darling.” No response.
“I hold doors for everyone…” Silence.
“Even feminists…” Mouth agape.
(good practice, girly girl. Just wait)…

“This restaurant is highly rated.” Only a sigh.
“I have a reservation… table for Mr. — AHEM!
Who needs a ditzy hostess anyway? This way...”
(I drop some grandiose gesture, point out our table)…

“This corner is charming, no?” An unenthused nod.
“To tell you the truth, I requested this table.” A startled stare.
“Sometimes it is appropriate to swing your weight around.” A chuckle.
(good thing I am not sensitive about my gut; I earned it)…

“Business has been good; dinner is on me.” Furrowed brow.
“No, no, I insist. And drinks after too!” A shrug.
“I am a venture capitalist, mostly money markets,” A smirk.
(a smirk is a partial smile; we’re getting somewhere)…

“Have you ever seen the city at night?” A confused look.
“Of course you have. I mean from a high-rise apartment…
my high-rise apartment.” A roll of the eyes.
“Well, you must. No funny business…”
(unless you want to tickle my funny bone)…

“I swear. Chivalry is my middle name,” A groan.
(only one step removed from a moan)…
“We can take my car.” A cold stare.
“It is an import, German by design.” A giggle.
“I know! Engine purring, she makes me giddy too,” A pushed chair.
(the bathroom, of course: Women!)

“Ah. She returns at last.” A raised brow.
(now sit down!)…

“Is something wrong?” A snatched jacket.
(oh please)…

“Where are you going?” A turned back.
(I know that’s your better half but)…

“Should I wait?!?” Silence still.
(sonofabitch! another fruitless bill)…


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