run while you can

Lindsey Robertson: Fresh like a wave.

Lindsey Robertson. Photo: Blabac

“What ever happened to that guy?”

“Haven’t seen anything in a while…”

…Skateboarders wheel and deal such statements for a reason. People come and go in an industry where “tomorrow’s top professional” is soon yesterday’s news. (Let’s face it, Danny Gonzalez and his one-wheel nose manual are already antiquated, just an Opinion. There are counterexamples, of course. In commonplace terms, Guy Mariano’s comeback rocked the skate world about as much as Michael Jordan coming out of retirement (for the first time). Other skaters grind the precipice of oblivion. Tom Penny keeps his life clouded, a mystery).

Speaking of Mystery, what ever happened to Lindsey Robertson? That’s right, Like a Wave kindly asks that you take a push down memory lane. Let the sounds of Jefferson Airplane fill the air. Oh look! There’s Juice heelflip-indying some gnarly gap…

Certain skaters are associated with certain tricks. For example, Stefan Janoski, past Waver, is known for his pop/scoop/catch approach to tre-bombs. And everyone knows that the Boss owns the fronside-flip. The debate over the best kickflip remains highly contested. Still, it’s hard to mention heelflips without also mentioning Lindsey Robertson.

A Black Box kid, Lindsey gained fame as a Zero amateur and followed Adrain Lopez to the Mystery Camp. He had a standout part in Black & White, notably for its divergence from vid-wide classic music score (Juice reps Wu-Tang).

In a 10-Questions interview, Lindsey is asked whether or not he would compete if skateboarding became an Olympic sport…

“I don’t think skateboarding should be in the Olympics. Shit’s too street.”

Lindsey hammered the nail on the head. Even beyond traditional street skating (if there is such a thing), skateboarding seems too raw for Grecian torch toters…

Juice and a switch 180. Photo: Blabac.


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