run while you can

Danny Brady: Like a wicked wave.

Featured this week is a skater that has been holding down London for years: Danny Brady…

Danny Brady rockin' the Hugh Hefner. Photo: KINGPIN.

Basically this kid has kept it OG since day one. Sticking with Lakai and Blueprint through thick and thin, Brady churns out 100% high quality skateboarding. After killing it softly in Lost & Found, Brady found himself among the exclusive group of super-humans known as professional skateboarders. Later, he shared a part in Fully Flared with fellow Londoner Nick Jensen. Most recently, Danny dished some waves of mutilation in Blueprint’s newest film, Make Friends with the Colour Blue.

From serving tea to tending bar to turning 180 into the sickest grinds, Brady benefits society at large. Yo, Mike Carroll, I know times are tough, but get this guy a pro shoe already! Am I am? Psh, Sir Brady, you shouldn’t be… Take it easy with the mongo pushing though.

Brady blasts a tailslide. Photo: Barton.


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