run while you can


Heart Sister. One Room. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.

The banana bike, a tough runt:
you, the banana flavor,
eventually everyone’s favorite.

Blood on the basement stair.
Happened twice, right there.
Split chin, splitting the ‘Adam.’

Atop some collapsible card table
you danced and danced.
The table collapsed, no chance.

Then, the skateboard, another feat.
Tough luck, you fell to concrete.
Punk rock-out, the kitchen, the heat.

‘Rich and beautiful,’ Indians said
of the city, now in your stead.
Barley and barrels, a brilliant head.

Still so young, so industrious, so wise,
full-bodied future, art in your eyes.
Up & up: busting chops, leveling lies.

One rib, the whole cage, one Man-
couldn’t make you or your plan.
And so, I acquiesce, to you, Woman.


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