run while you can

Vincent Alvarez: Like a stampeding wave.

Humbly gnarly. Photo courtesy of the Skate Library.

The skate world is a multifaceted, malleable avalanche of super hot, molten gnar. The means to exist in such free-form chaos do not come easily. Remarkably, some individuals leave their mark on the monstrosity known as skateboarding. Vincent Alvarez will be one of those individuals; he may already be one of them.

The family-friendly head-honchos at  Crailtap dug Vincent from the depths of Georgia, where he was raised on canyon diving and Southern favorites like chicken and cornbread. This boy grew into a smiley, make-or-break skate rat.

A relative infant in the world of professionalism, Alvarez reeks of skateboarding, the scents of sweat and blood. His light-wash, loose-fitting jeans contrast the often overly ‘fashion-savvy’ skate world. Vince is a breath of classic air: t-shirts and lots of pushing. Although his style dances between stomped and squirrely, Vincent emanates a love of the game. In the opinion of this no-name blogger, the best style in skateboarding is fun. As such, Like a Wave welcomes VA to well-deserved Waver status.

Chocolate fans continue to anticipate a video offering (hopefully within the next decade). Vincent Alvarez will no doubt destroy his first part as a pro. Full parts from past Waver’s Kenny Anderson and Anthony Pappalardo are also on the ticket. Comeon Crailtappers, enough with the fancy-schmancy shenanigans; it’s only skateboarding!

Yup. Vince can drop Switch Front Blunts. Photo courtesy of Elwood Clothing.


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