run while you can

Louie Barletta: Like a screwy wave.

The ol' up and down. Courtesy of sk8boarding.wordpress

Skateboarders are an oddly elitist bunch. No, really. A skater is liable to sound arrogant if prompted to discuss rollerbladers or bmx riders… Even solidarity amongst those that pursue freedom on four wheels is splintered; either-or fallacies reign supreme. Fresh or hesh, street or tranny, skinnys or Dickies, East Coast or West Coast: hating is sadly a part of the game. Still, certain skateboarders break every possible mold. Enter Louie Barletta.

Louie is a contemporary legend. His screwball antics and signature bowl-cut make him oddly admirable. Louie’s repertoire of video parts, from Osiris’ Subject to Change to Tiltmode’s latest Bonus Round, exhibit him as one of skateboarding’s most unique specimens. Enjoi Louie? How couldn’t you? He spreads laughter and sunshine to all.

Thanks, Louie, you remind us that hammers are best used for hitting stuff. Your unique blend of bangers and mash is consistently, jawdropingly dorky. Like a Wave digs it. Fakie airwalk?!? Now that’s screwy.


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