run while you can

Ed Templeton: Like an immortal wave.

Tubular air! Photo courtesy of

Being bitten by the bug can be bad, you know, the skateboard bug. The effects are sometimes serious, occasionally contagious, and usually long-term. Skateboarding becomes part of your mind. Cities are no longer festering wastelands; they are expansive playgrounds, where thrill seeking, albeit mildly unlawful, is at your discretion. Yes, skateboarders know… they know the best ledges for noseslides, the best ledges for 50-50’s, and they know the difference. Skateboarders know which spots are busts, where being ticketed is a serious threat. Skateboarders know the good gaps, the ones with enough run-up and a smooth landing. The pursuit of useless knowledge can afflict even a slightly infected skate rat. In full-blown cases, the skateboard bug causes victims to endlessly search the internet for the latest clip of so-and-so, big-pop Magee. There are even thriving skate news outlets, places that prey on individuals crippled by the most malignant forms of the skate bug. It’s serious. Hours, days, lives are spent in pursuit of a dream that is unattainable: knowing everything, inside-and-out, from Gator to the ghetto bird, from EMB to the Banks in Brooklyn. Everything.

Ed Templeton has shaped skateboarding, even the haters ought to admit that much. Sure, the guy is old and fat and stuck in a funk that consists of preaching veganism and painting himself naked, so what? Some people consider those traits admirable. Moreover, Ed belongs to the highly exclusive cult known as skartists, or ‘skate artists’ to the posers out there. Yeah, all those bread sandwiches and nude, poolside afternoons have only enhanced Templeton’s reliance in the skateworld.

Ed began his career in skateboarding alongside now celeb-superstar Jason Lee. After a short stint with New Deal, a company that arguably had one of the most kickass names in skateboarding, Ed started TV skateboards with big-dog Mike Vallely. Having gained a reputation for banging out solid graphics and steady shreddage, Templeton started the still thriving Toy Machine bloodsucking skate co.

Senor Templeton, we’re  not worthy! Keep kicking impossibles and skidding those nosebluntslides ferreal, cause you’re the real deal.


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