run while you can

Gargling peanut butter, juggling chainsaws.

Truthfully containing the candid is a feat…
Okay readers, you’re thinking: there Julius goes again, blathering on about some obscure entity that is almost attainable, some reflection that can almost be called real, some ideal grounded in absolute truth
You are wrong. This concept is quite concrete. In fact, spontaneous beauty is so tangible that Kodak Film even tried to lay claim over it, asserting some garbage about “Kodak moments.” Hogwash (Sure, if you’re lucky enough to capture a fleeting photo on film and that film happens to be Kodak film, you better believe that Kodak will play a part in maintaining that memory)…
The truth of the matter is simple: look at a two-way street, a double-sided coin, mothers welcoming daughters home with a hug straight off the school bus, soldiers with their limbs all amputated staring motionless into a lens.
The truth: every picture is a story; there is not telling how the viewer will interpret it…

Poising silence. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.

The fear of children-
is on the same branch
as the hesitancy to ask questions
(or the fear of lacking answers).

The bricklayers fell asleep at work
leaving their mortar to dry.
Two spiders, seven ants and a parakeet lost their lives.

An idling truck had no driver, asking to be thieved.

Faith and fact ought to be obscured.
Morals are based upon:
1) Quality parenting, and
2) Inherent souls
Didn’t think so.

Some days the only solution
[to an unethical world]
is to invert the law.
All cowards are heroes.
All scoundrels, gentlemen.
(Little insects are unaffected,
mankind’s new web spun).

The ocean is still no horizon line.
Tomorrow rests with the sun.
Floral arrangements make weddings
and perfect hedge trimmings
are for servant’s eyes only.

Candy in mouths is better than in teeth.
There is no dividing line
between broken and disrepair.
If all possessions are just weight-
carry a conservative amount.
No one knows when they’ll be dead.

Either black or white. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.


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