run while you can


An orange turret. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.

Since blog birth, Like a Wave has substantially shifted its variety of content. Our writers continue to blindly envision this site as an upbeat space, meant almost entirely for entertainment. The fact of the matter is that seriousness has become inescapable. Let’s hear what Julius has to say on the subject…

“I can’t help but wonder where I would be without art. Art makes me serious. Oddly enough, the art I enjoy is lighthearted. My art is over-thought and quite critical; self-critical, I hope. More often than not, I stress over appearances: the lighting in a photo, the angle, a skateboard trick, the syllabic sound in a poem, my messages. Seems superficial, no? Maybe so. But beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. The art I share is mine; beauty can be dark.
This is not to say that beauty is a bottomless pit, like individualism. When Tolstoy asked ‘What is art?,’ he got stuck defining beauty. Perhaps he should have stated his own understanding…
Here is mine: beauty is brains. Get thinking.”

An orange cone. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.


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