run while you can

Flat tire in the fast lane.

Deer in them. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.

Hurrying off
to munch choco-pies and ddeok.
Laughing boldly,
sipping pa-len-cha caw-pee.
Attendance, names:
Lee and Park and Kim and and..
Metal lunch trays,
sectioned off so orderly
Kimchi, Kimchi!
Once a week, some cak-du-gi.
A-pa-ta: home?
That is apartment to you.
Buses downtown,
standing room only, feel tall.
Shabu shabu,
another dark downstairs joint.
Deciding sigh,
K-pop my eardrums, yessir.
Blinking at me,
thinking: “plastic surgery.”


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