run while you can

Keith Hufnagel: Like a real wave.

The hardest trick in skateboarding. Courtesy of Ivory Serra.

For an unfathomable amount of time, the skateboard department here at Like a Wave has been dwelling on the concept of ‘hype.’ You know… The teasers, trailers and promos that saturate the skate industry. For better or worse, companies and organizations exploit skateboarder’s over-fascination with, well, themselves.
This tactic (guerilla-style marketing, full-length videos advertised years before release, “This Weekend” garbage) did not begin with The Berrics, Fully Flared, or even Menikmati. No, hype has always been around; hype is as much a part of skateboarding as wood and wheels.
Consider the early days… You’re skating a fishtail in NYC, hearing about so-and-so, west coast, technical gansta G performing a varial heelflip. A varial heelflip?!? Woah. Next thing you know, you’ve hit the pavement. With a little luck and childish tenacity, you successfully stick the first inward heel ever. Mistake? Maybe. Radical? Naturally. Hype.
Hype pushes the limit… Once word of mouth, now viral, hype be pushing da limit since day one…

On that note, the skate nerds at Like a Wave continue to anticipate Real Skateboards video offering (set to explode eyeballs on April 11th). That’s right, kids. Soon the fancy footwork of Deluxe’s finest will be permanently etched into skate history… Sigh… Real’s slew of veterans and young guns is sure to please, no doubt.

Keith Hufnagel is among the godfathers of modern street skating. Yeah. That’s a mouthful, but you’d better believe it. In the skate world, Huf is the synonymous with style. From the nineties in New York City to SF in the twenty-first century, Hufnagel continues to prove that a noteworthy ollie is more than enough to turn heads. Moreover, Huf has cemented his place in skateboarding as an owner of the hottest shop since Supreme. Hell yeah. He is a contributor to the greatest collaborate street-art project of all time: finding freedom on four wheels.
Keith, seriously, your twenty-foot-long grinds and block-long manuals are as real as it gets. Welcome to Waver status. Continue to ollie houses and keep the streets clean.

Jumping is fun. Courtesy of TheFootDown UK.


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