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Chima Ferguson: Like a new-age wave.

Poppy. Photo courtesy of Transworld.

“Skateboarding has changed.”
-your average pizza face blogger

Some skate theories are trite because they sound about right or bear some significant truth. But damn, I am sick of hearing about how ‘skateboarding has changed’… duh… Skateboarding HAS changed…
And the skanalysts here at Like a Wave know why… Skateboarding is hitting a mid-life crisis. Motorcycles and leather jackets are all the rage these days; the poster children are getting younger and younger. Amateurs are far more skilled than professionals. Yes. This is beyond conjecture: the youth are talented; amateur is the new pro…
Slow down, fellow skaterats; we cannot forget the inherent value of watching a true professional. Veteran pros possess a magical aura. Moreover, for the most part, skaters featured on this site have had this aforementioned mythical status: Heath Kirchart, Stefan Janoski, Kenny Anderson (to name just a few). Regardless, skateboarding is offering up a new generation of professionals. These young-ish rippers are well-equipped to carry on the torch of gnarnia.
Accordingly, Like a Wave proudly introduces a three-part series meant to showcase the splendor of immature masters.
In the still-fresh spirit of Since Day One, part one goes out to Chima Ferguson…

Chima turned pro for REAL Skateboard less than a year ago. His bag of tricks is simply dumbfounding, regular and switch. Hailing from Australia, the land of poisonous beasts, Chima infects the skateworld with a new-age take on classic lines and big ol’ gaps. With a poppy style that makes the impossible look effortlessly perilous, Chima is one part Kalis and two parts Hsu.

Sir Ferguson, Like a Wave salutes your thrashing ways and delectably sappy taste in music. Props is in order, so long as you lay-off the lame sunglasses.

A new-age Aussie and classic NYC. Photo courtesy of Volcom.


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