run while you can

Always time for a photo dump.

Julius Keen here…
Ben is somewhere, pulling out his hair. Suppose that’s what teaching teenagers’ll do to you. (Sorry chap, could be worse, yeah? …You’re right. Next week could be worse).

At any rate, I am momentarily relinquishing my new duties as the poet’s voice* to bring you a few photos from the always splendid Seolbong Sculpture Park. If you’re ever in or around the Icheon area, I highly recommend a sublime stroll through the grounds of this Eastern gem. Really and truly, Seolbong puts the ‘ART’ in Icheon (if that makes any bloody sense).

Thusly, as you anxiously await what’s to come, appreciate some springy snapshots:

Cresting the dam. Seolbong Park. Spring 2011.

What are ya? Chicken? Seolbong Park. Spring 2011.

Someone's better half. Seolbong Park. Spring 2011.

*You may have noticed that I have been deemed ‘Orator-in-chief’ of this fine blog-site. Ben does the poetry; my voice does the pleasing. (Unless of course you find speaking an inadequate discourse).

Much obliged for your time.
The lean, mean machine,
Julius Keen


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