run while you can

Matt Bennett: Like a long-time-coming wave.

Paid. Courtesy of Dekline Footwear.

The path to professional status in skateboarding might better be described as a maze brimming with sticker-crazed kids and skatepark heroes. Besides proving themselves as elite, death-defying masters of the force, up-and-coming amateurs must provoke a certain ‘buzz.’ Essentially, when a boy is ready to become a man, excuse me, when an am is ready to go pro, their ears will be ringing incessantly because their name is on the tip of the skate world’s tongue. Ya dig? Well, at least that’s how it’s supposed to work; this is skateboarding, not science.
For whatever reason (kook-status, low market appeal, lack of funds), certain ams end up in limbo. Hype becomes dust-in-the-wind, and a “man-am” is born. Now, finding yourself in this position is not completely hopeless. Shit, maintaining a name in skateboarding is difficult enough, but getting that name printed on a board is a different story. Needless to say, some man-ams fade away (perhaps to the life of one-man demos at stechty, Skatelite skateparks in the depths of suburbia). But, some skate-rat, man-ams climb their way out of the sewer and become kickflipping, mutant ninjas.* Matt Bennett is among these sensei wunderkind, still skating, destroying, and screaming ‘KOWABUNGA!’
Alas, our skanalysts intentionally left out one cause for the creation of a man-am… that is: belonging to a super-rad, balls-to-the-walls, non-stop-killing-it team like… Toy Machine bloodsucking skate co…
Bennett’s skate career has had its fair share of drama, drama, drama… Although he had shelled out two thrill-ride video parts for the loyal pawns, Bennett was put in line behind Nick Trapasso, waiting to ‘go pro.’ Worse, after a falling out at one shoe sponsor, Matt declined to comment. Without faltering, he laced up some new kicks (Tum Yeto style). Still, by the time Bennett went pro, the skate world was asking: “Wasn’t that guy already pro? I swear I saw his name on a board…” But no, Bennett has only been basking in the glory of pro-dom for the better-half of the last year. Talk about signature style though! Matt has a bizarre bag of rail tricks that even includes, a namesake, “the Bennett grind.”

Bennett, my boy, glad to see you went pro before popular demand put you in line behind (lord knows…) Colin Provost. Keep combining those black tees with brown cords; you’re making a highly-underrated fashion statement. Keep in touch with switch, nollie and fakie… they’ve been doing you good. What more is there to say? About time you got what was due.

I would have called it the hair-in-my-eyes grind. Courtesy of A. Smith.

*Like a Wave  does not promote the use or distribution of ‘Secret Ooze.’


One response

  1. Lumpy Potato

    His part in Brainwash has grown on me after giving it a few more watches. It could use a little less slow-mo and weird straight-spined roll-outs, but hey, maybe it’s a new tactic of his for preventing injury. He’s got a lot of new rail trick ideas in his head, so he’s thinking long term.
    Like I predicted, the Real video also gets better with multiple viewings. Did you see Matt Nordness on the Berrics?!! Do you ever listen to those Bad Brains songs I gave you?
    It’s good ta hear yur purty voice again, thanks for that ; ) Elitist?

    April 21, 2011 at 8:07 pm

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