run while you can

Symbol crash.

Mixpot. Icheon, South Korea. Spring 2011.

Dear Ben,
Independence is best sought and gained independently. Our epic journey, beginning, I’d say, roughly around 2006, has played a major role in shaping your adult soul. One week ago, I claimed ‘Perhaps aging’s telltale sign is a stagnant sense of self.’ Luckily, I began the assertion, semi-passively, using the word ‘perhaps.’ Right. Perhaps. Well, at any rate, having had a week to mull over my inked inkling, my hasty, keen, blunders have become evident.
The word ‘stagnant’ carries an incorrect, negative connotation. In fact, upon rereading this adjective, I envisioned a cesspool of algae blooms and dead fish. ‘A stagnant sense of self’ can appropriately be interpreted as a dead mind’s eye. That’s not what I meant to say at all. Please, close readers, consider ‘stagnant’ stricken from the record.*
Still, let’s not scrap the entire verbiage (one hell of a way to encapsulate my style). A ‘sense of self,’ nay, the sense of self, is more often described as consciousness. In short, your conscious mind is awareness. Yes, everything we [our minds] are is entangled in a state of understanding. The ability to construct complex conversation, for example, stems directly from this intangible, unimaginable source. Paradoxically, everything we know is often our greatest mystery…
‘Sense of self,’ yes, this portion was correct. But, at length, we must work together to rewrite that ‘stagnant’ bit… Our sensitive side has a soft spot for alliteration. Subsequently, here are some suitable substitutes: stationary, stable, sensible… Something… not so subtle… ah… aging’s telltale sign is a sharp sense of self. Yes, sharp, as in refined, agile, and, potentially, dangerous… Yes: perfect. Well then, seems as though we’ve tooted every horn in our orchestra. Thusly, regrettably, I turn to my cynical side.
‘Sharpening’ is a process. Your interests have honed, so to speak. Morning light, light food, food for thought and thoughts of skateboarding… these encompass a large portion of your consciousness. Of them, skateboarding seems an odd outlier. In the past, I urged you to distance yourself from freedom on four wheels. I am pleased to say that you have taken drastic steps in order to reach a more harmonious balance. Although everything seems consequentially appropriate in the short-term, I, your survival center, cannot help but consider long term sustenance. Yes, you know where this is going: You don’t know where you’re going.
Obviously this is not an easily addressed issue: being lost in life, not directionless but seemingly hopeless. Here is my advice: stop being so bloody pessimistic. We can work together on this one…
You can be the pencil; I’ll be the sharpener.

The coolest cat on the scene,
Julius Keen

Postscript: I am beginning to wonder if, in a thousand years, some android, digging through the forgotten lands of the internet, will unearth this blog. Our work could be the next Rosetta stone (though the only correlation we attempt is between me and myself, you).

Mind stretching. Seolbong Park. Spring 2011.

*One step ahead of you, ol’ pal.


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