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Daryl Angel: Like a roaming wave.

Angelic. Courtesy of M. Valle.

The skate department at dudebrah proudly delivers the highly anticipated final installment of its three-part series featuring fresh-from-the-nest professionals…
Followers, do not brush our selection process aside as extemporaneous. No, no, no. On the contrary, every Waver must demonstrate a myriad of malleability. All fronts are considered, from on-the-board confidence and consideration to off-the-board personality and lifestyle.
At length, a decision was made. Any open-minded street pirate ought to agree: Daryl Angel has been on point for years, and he’s showing no sign of slowing down any time soon.

Discussing Daryl Angel is difficult without first mentioning the pitfalls of the Girl/Chocolate flow-gram. Suffering from similar symptoms as the ‘man-am,” “flow-bots” are skaters stuck in a world of minimal coverage and even less recognition. Without a doubt, the talent manager over at Crailtap, known as Sam Smyth, completely blew it in regards to Angel…
Back in 2005, after a stand-out part in iThink, Daryl made the move from Think to Chocolate (as most would have). Thereafter, he was shackled to flow status even though he put out part-after-part showcasing his aptitude for high-grade street destruction (Jereme Rogers’ Neighborhood, Skate Fairy HD, 411VM).
Seeing a possible advancement opportunity, Daryl moved to the SkateMental camp, still under the Crailtap umbrella. Remaining as an amateur on a company founded by Brad Staba,* the biggest turd in skateboarding, must have been painful… After biding his time for over a year, Angel was offered a spot on the East-Coast illustrious crew known as Habitat. Seizing a real opportunity, Daryl uprooted himself. He turned professional soon thereafter. Daryl churned some saucy welcome footage and another full-part in the Sovereign Sect’s retrospective video, Origin. Daryl’s ability places him on a distinct tier of skaters, among the likes of Timtim, Janoski and Molinar. He combines long lines with casual gap-jawdroppers to produce a visually stimulating, well-composed masterpieces.

Daryl, you’re a subtle killer. Your breed don’t attempt skateboarding as a spectacle. No one here at Like a Wave expects or desires for you drastically alter your style. Props for admitting you’d like to be better at manuals and tranny though (in time, my friend, in time). For now, keep it poppy; keep the switch coming; line it up right. Oh, and welcome to Waver status. Glad you’re rolling with some of skateboarding’s raddest rippers.
(One more thing… Sometimes finding quality photos of skaters is difficult… The amount of coverage available under your name is unbelievable. Obviously you’re skating).

Over & Out. Courtesy of The Skateboard Mag.

*more like: blatantly by Nike SB


2 responses

  1. Buttered Bread

    Damnit, it was Daryl! Good choice Ben.

    April 25, 2011 at 4:31 am

  2. Buttered Bread

    P.S.- Nike and Skate Mental are definitely on some conspiracy-level stuff.

    April 25, 2011 at 4:33 am

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