run while you can

Andrew Allen: Like a burly wave.

Bump-to-bars are so hot right now. Photo: Mike O'Meally.

There are skateboarders, and then there are freight train, street machine, wrecking balls. In the coming weeks, Like a Wave in will be featuring a few of skateboarding’s finest heavyweights. First up is the switch stance sorcerer himself, Andrew Allen.
Andrew’s coverage, down to the core, reeks of blue-collar commitment. Skatin’ ain’t always about lookin’ pretty; it’s about getting the job done. That attitude, coupled with an uncanny willingness to commit, even when certain death hangs in the balance, landed Andrew on the rawest team in skateboarding: Anti-Hero (if you take issue, see Cardiel).
Andrew upholds the Deluxe tradition of no thrills, no gimmicks. Still, he’s got a rather peculiar arsenal of maneuvers for a beast. Even yet, he admitted that regular 360 flips are not a part of his bag of tricks. Humbling, isn’t it, kids? He underscored his nonchalance in an interview with Vans…
Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?
A: I have no idea.
Andrew’s uncertain future fits with his fearlessness. Let’s just say that he’s popped some switch nasties into more than a few gross-looking landings. No matter, the guy has heart; he charges gaps with the audacity of Kirchart and the scurvy of Ellington. Andrew Allen is a purist.

…AA, you riff-raff SOB, glad to see you lapping up the post-pro afterbirth. You’ve got some study SSFS K-grinds. Keep pushing like there ain’t no tomorrow.

Symmetry makes me happy. Photo: Anthony Acosta.


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