run while you can

Runners-up (and down).

Jeju-do is a semi-tropical island off the southeast coast of South Korea. Like the Hawaiian islands, Jeju was formed by volcanic eruptions. The cental volcano, Mt. Halla, now extinct, juts so rapidly towards the sky that it claims the title of Korea’s tallest peak. Besides Hallasan, myriad beaches strewn with igneous rock and quaint, coastal cities set Jeju apart from the mainland.
The following photos are essentially B-sides belonging to an album dubbed ‘stars and stripes aspiring at sea;’ nothing special here:

Near our first sleeping site. Jeju-si, South Korea. Spring 2011.

Nearing the summit. Mt. Halla. Spring 2011.

Oceanside sleeping site. Jungmun Beach. Spring 2011.

Flowers everywhere. Segowipo, South Korea. Spring 2011.

The second lag of a first ferry ride. East China Sea. Spring 2011.

Keen followers of this blog are sure to have noticed the not-too-subtle shift towards featuring more B&W photos. Let’s be honest, there is something inherently timeless about colorlessness.


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