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Fred Gall: Like a grizzly wave.

Handsomest picture available via Domestic.

According to Merriam-Webster, as well as numerous, less credible online dictionaries, the word ‘grizzly’ bears the same connotation as ‘grizzled,’ which has something to do with showing signs of age, like gray hair or crotchety behavior. Here at Like a Wave, we fervently believe that some definitions are outdated, inaccurate, even grizzly. Thus, as this fine blog continues to showcase plus size skaters, we would like to make one point crystal clear: Freddy Gall, the Jersey Bear himself, is showing no signs of aging; conversely, as the ogre grows older, he gets gnarlier.
A Sovereign Sect Original, Fred Gall is east coast to the bone-chilling core. He slaughters spots that are strewn with grit and gravel; he rips ramps ripe with concrete cracks. At any rate, LowCard Magazine’s current ‘Worst Skater of the Year’ is an unassailable choice as this week’s Waver.
Anybody that is still relevant in skateboarding possessing legitimate footage from ’91 ought to be deemed a legend. From hella-old 411’s to AWS’s Photosynthesis to his Habitat debut in Mosaic to another full-part in Origin, Freddy’s status in skateboarding is similar to that of a freight train.

Gall, buddy, continue to do whatever the hell you like. That being said, we’re partial to your muscled tre flips, noseblunt grab-ins, and wallrides. Keep composing radical music with your heavy-footed footwork.

B&W Boneless. Photo: Scott Pommier.


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