run while you can

Deliver me from myself.

Topless teamwork. Jeju-do, South Korea. Spring 2011.

Dear Ben,
Extended correspondence is not in the cards for today; I simply poke my head in the door to give quick commentary…
Already a year ago, you promised to ‘work hard, have lots of fun, and maybe get a little radical along the way.’ Remember?
Well, here goes: Life in Korea has lost its luster. This unreasonable sensation, becoming a native foreigner, though not all bad, is a still a let down. At length, irksome, dumbfounded stares about balance the special treatment you receive. Strike away all that’s equal, and what’s left? Precisely. Plain, old Ben: still a child in appearance, still trying to be a grownup, still so young, still adrift.
I’ve got a theory about your failure to have fun: you’re no fun.

Reading you for days;
life’s a magazine,
Julius Keen


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