run while you can

Johnny Layton: Like a mutated wave.

Put on a happy face. Photo: Templeton.

Like a Wave returns today to conclude a three-part series on the husky heroes of skateboarding. Here it is, the J-Lay feature you’ve all been anxiously awaiting. Enjoy…

Johnny Layton was not always the culmination of pizza and nachos that he is today. During his Good & Evil period, Johnny was a scrawny, spring chicken, busting big ol’ back-tails down hefty handrails. With a knack for taking the breathtaking to the ball-breaking, no wonder this kid came up fast. So fast, in fact, that he even earned a professional shoe on Vans (joining some big names, TNT and Rowley). Perhaps the greatest feat of Johnny’s career was his switch tre, Suffer the Joy ender down southern California’s Carlsbad gap. Yeah. He rolled away clean.
Still on the tear, Johnny sang to a different tune in Toy Machine’s latest offering, Brainwash. His footage broadcast a beast of a man launching hefty ollies over and out of some serious situations. But, in classic form, Johnny concluded the part with a signature switch 360 flip. (He busted himself on a bus in the process).

J-Lay, eat whatever garbage you want; just keep the radical level high. Ollies, eh? You’re onto something there. And the tank-top look: it works. Well played; keeping the pawns loyal.

A signature ender. Photo: Aaron Smith.


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