run while you can

Brandon Westgate: Like an unbreakable wave.

Westgate unleashes on SF. Photo: Thrasher.

The west coast-centered skate industry doesn’t always claim the cream of the crop. There even seems to be a mini-exodus away from the promised land. Past Wavers Stefan Janoski and Gilbert Crockett have both escaped the clutches of the golden state. Seems the East Coast is on the brink of a second skate renaissance. If the results are half that of the Love Park era, skateboarding might be set straight again. Set straight? Only for a handful of purists.
Like a Wave is fairly susceptible to outside influence. Our researchers have uncovered compelling theories suggesting that skateboarding is no longer ‘underground.’ Myriad evidence is available from the boom of online skateshops to the rise of energy drink sponsorships. Moreover, skateboarding seems to be following fashion trends, producing hip shoes, flannels, shoe-lace belts, and so on. But what’s the harm, really? Every apple has its core; most can’t stomach it.
Even among skateboarding’s thriving peanut galleries, Brandon Westgate seems to be turning heads and making quite a name for himself.
A true east coast powerhouse, Westgate has recently become the focus of the ever-stimulating webisode-series, Epicly Later’d. Patrick O’Dell has once again outdone himself, delivering a seemingly too true view into Brandon’s Cape Cod life. From 5Boro to a super-short sting on Birdhouse, Brandon came back, full circle to represent the unbreakable Zoo York Institute. During the last two years, Westgate has waged war on streets around the world. He has even taught some old-dog spots new tricks (in Zoo York’s State of Mind, Brandon lipslides up the legendary pyramid ledges). In 2010, Westgate released two parts under the umbrella of a single shoe sponsor. Sure, some skatanalysts regard ‘going up’ as gimmicky. At Like a Wave, we consent that back-smithing up a handrail, no matter how brash, is pure badass.

Brandon, you’ve got mad ups. Continue this madness, and you’re a clear SOTY candidate.
About your home life: the ‘LOVE’ and ‘LAUGH’ decor is nauseating; the lawnmower reconstruction is radical. So whatever.

Backside blaster. Photo: Venture Trucks.


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