run while you can

Keegan Sauder: Like a long distance wave.

Skater's delight. Photo: Doubt.

The unsung heroes of skateboarding are far too numerous to name. Certain skateboarding simply does not translate to a filming schedule or ad campaign. The path to pro-dom is not easy for skaters that take a more multifaceted view on skateboarding. Opting to forgo specialization, some fail to excel in any one area. Sure, there are all-terrain-killers, as they’re called, that destroy everything. Even yet, the quiet killers sadly go without their dues. Keegan Sauder keeps under the radar by choice.
Keegan began his skateboarding career, like so many Canadian groms, fawning over the radical maneuvers of Vancouver’s finest. Rick McCrank took little Sauder under his wing, welcoming him into the Anti-Social Skateshop family. Thus began Keegan’s slow-and-steady onslaught on the skate world.
Dishing sparse footage between motorcycle cruising and camping, Keegan never took skating too seriously. As such, he was a late bloomer by industry standards. Even yet, Sauder’s rad dedication to skate life earned him a spot on one of the grittiest team of bandits around, Zero. His part in Strange World stands out as visually diverse compared to the high flying, stair-stomping antics of the remainder of the Zero cult.

Keegan, here’s to hoping you compile at least a minute of footage for the next Zero video project. Jamie Thomas is a little nutty about filming; hang in there. Oh, and these rumors about a Vans shoe video with Greg Hunt behind the lens… any truth behind them? Please please please say it’s so. How about a full part for that one? Either way, keep it easy steady; skate and defecate.

This way. Photo: BLACK BOX DIST


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