run while you can

Omar Salazar: Like an animated wave.

Flip over & in. Photo: Humphries.

The qualifications and necessary duties of a professional skateboarder are certainly far from carved in stone. Mingling with street elite helps, as does an eye for aesthetics (from the basics of shirt/sneaker coordination to the intricacies of spot and sponsor selection). Although these issues are far from the realm of pure ripping, they matter all the same. Does Terry Kennedy have what it takes to be a professional based on his skateboarding alone? The skatanalysts at Like a Wave have their doubts. Personality, maybe better stated as ‘marketability,’ matters.
Purists, don’t descend into typical sulking. Skateboarding would be a hell of a lot less colorful without its semi-schizo means of selecting spotlight figures. On ability alone, we might have a slew of Sewa’s or a brigade of Birdmen. In fact, it is due to diversity that skateboarding is so damn fresh.* Omar Salazar proves that pure-talent is subjective. Oh, he’s got personality too…

Omar’s splashed into the skateworld, appropriately, on a scarcely recognizable Foundation team. Back when Subtleties and Seagulls was inventing Alien Workshop’s current art directive, a young Salazar was slaying hubbas in tight beanies. Coincidentally, Sacramento relations and a beyond-notable Transworld part eventually brought Omar into Workshop’s order. Yes, Stefan Janoski introduced Omar in 2005’s First Love. Omar’s personality and pushy style trumped technicality. Thus, skaters began to embrace a kid that couldn’t yet tre flip. (Damn. Is that true?)
Well, by the time Nike SB made an attempt at a full-length film**, Omar had quite a following. Nothing but the Truth let a hippie-hopper freely fly around. Shit, by the time Salazar earned openers in Mindfield everyone knew his bottom line, power (there was even an AVE-style tre flip somewhere in the mix).

Omar, buddy, keep squealing and tail-skidding; cashing those SB checks. Keep it real. You make bomb-drops worth watching.

Like a wave. Photo: Humphries.

*Diversity implies a shift away from uniformity in a broad sense; the word ‘colorful’ has nothing to do with race. So, TK, relax.
**This attempt was widely accepted as a failure. Speeding up Omar like dolling up Hannah ‘Banana’ Montana.

Thrasher. Iamaprofashional.


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