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Nate Broussard: Like a rugged wave.

Hell of a ride. Photo: Kingpin.

Like a Wave returns with another tip-of-the-cap to one of the tried and true underground heroes of skateboarding.
As a leading skateboard blog-site, it pays to dip into skateboarding’s new-age, semi-fleeting cyber-culture. Patrick O’Dell continues to kill it as a documentarian via his internet endeavor, Epicly Later’d. Most recently, Ricky Oyola reminded largely docile, aging street rats to stop being so bloody bashful. Put succinctly, there is nothing wrong with poignant ‘hate.’ Fuck. Hate is great. Kids need to stop worrying about whether the tight pants fad is dead and start considering more detrimental dilemmas, such as personal motivation and homogenization. Among dedicated skaters, there ought to be no qualms calling out Lutzka for cashing Tequila checks, Malto and Ortiz for letting Gatorade poison purity, and even Paul Rodriguez for taking Target’s money. Long story short, being a professional skateboarder is not solely about talent; it is about upholding an ideal. Though discrete, this ideal sure as hell has nothing to do with selling out.
Nate Broussard is not a sell out; he is a manufacturer of style, steeped in skateboarding.

Professor Broussard brought to you by Sam Mueller.

Nate’s roots run deep. A decade ago, Nate was kicking around in beefy Adio’s, representing, believe it or not, the Planet Earth. For a flash from the past, check out Nate’s part in One Step Beyond; disregard his affiliation with Bam.
Broussard has had a notoriously difficult journey. His long-time shoe sponsor blew-out, twice his clothing sponsor caved, and then Bueno went under. Talk about bad luck. Sounds like a page out of Oyola’s diary. But maybe not. Broussard kept pushing, stayed loyal, and, thanks to Michael Sieben, finally achieved pro-boner status. He hasn’t punched out to say the least.

Colorful career choices. Photo: Ian O'Connor.

To date, Nate’s best work manifests in Josh Stewart’s independent film, Static III. Matching Elliot Smith bar-for-bar, Broussard kills it softly with serious lines and immaculate spot selection. This section ought to stand-out as a pillar in contemporary street skateboarding. Nate’s work at Phillie’s five-down, five-up does more than dole street cred. The entire part seeps effortlessness in the face of rough ground and sidewalk cracks.

Poppy love. Photo: Sam Mueller.

Yes, Nate came full circle and finally went pro for Roger skateboards. He has also secured another shoe sponsor, HUF footwear no less, a company with great promise headed by a past Waver. Things are looking up for the bearded wunderkind.

Nate the Great.

Nate, keep pushing; you’ve earned respect from a finicky group of crotchety old men. That’s something right there. Right on.


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