run while you can

Enter girl.

Snake eyes.

The stars are dizzying.
Maybe it’s the act of looking up.
Or of reaching.
Why can’t we lay around forever?
Don’t tempt me that way.

Did you see his jaw line?
Immaculate. I swear it.
Right? His jaw line said it all.
Psh. Like it matters.
What? He wasn’t looking at you.

I’m just a girl.
Men don’t look at girls.
Women, men look at.
I’ll be a woman someday.
You couldn’t afford it.

Portraiture. One room. Madison, WI. Fall 2011.


One response

  1. s.f.s.

    the moon is really what we all want.
    for now, the stars’ll do.

    February 16, 2012 at 1:24 am

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