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Joey Pepper: Like an understated wave.

Slash grind at the C-Bowl in Cambridge. Matt Daughters.

Slash grind at the C-Bowl in Cambridge. Matt Daughters.

As we flesh out east coast rippers here at Like a Wave, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the past from the present. The nineties, in space not time, took skateboarding’s obsession with street cred, not surprisingly, to the streets. Jump-ramps were shed in favor of curb cuts. There was some thug logic behind the advantage of big pants and small wheels. If the seventies and eighties are to blame for skateboarding’s punk ethos, the nineties are surely accountable for putting the ‘G’ in skateboarding.
Joey Pepper has been called everything, underrated and OG included.

BG: You seem like you are the type of guy that would pick up a shovel in a snow storm. That accurate?
JP: Excuse me?

BG: I mumble. Anyway, congrats on the shoe. Long time coming.
JP: That’s what I keep hearing.

BG: Well, it’s been a long road, I’m sure. Say, one of my favorite features you had was in Skateboarder a couple years ago. Some motorcycle trip in Vietnam. All the photos made the trip look more like an adventure.
JP: Oh, definitely. Mehring puts together solid crews. Jerry Hsu was there; Keegan too. So many good memories from that trip.

On the road with Mehring.

On the road with Mehring.

BG: Didn’t you also take a skate-centric trip down the Amazon?
JP: Ha. I know. Skateboarding has taken me all over the world. I’m grateful.

BG: Say, what’s with all the lamps?
JP: Yeah. Well, it’s just a hobby of mine. Woodworking.

BG: These don’t look like maple. What wood did you use?
JP: I think that one is elm.

BG: Woah. So you’re multi-talented?
JP: Just trying something new. But thanks.

BG: Can I get a photo of you for the blog?
JP: Sure, no problem. How do you want me to stand?

BG: I guess by a lamp… So anywhere is fine.
JP: Still not sure how I should stand.

BG: Oh. Umm. Look natural.
JP: Ha. How’s this?

BG: Not bad (snaps photo).
JP: That a winner?

BG: That’ll do. Anyway, thanks for the time. Again, congrats.
JP: Yeah, thanks.

Joey, the internet is abundant with sick photos of your raw skateboarding. Welcome to Like a Wave.

No debunked spot. Photo: Chromeball.

Now debunked. Photo: Chromeball.

A familiar spot. Madison, WI.

A familiar spot. Madison, WI.

Another Chromeball gem.

Another Chromeball gem. Kickflip.


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