run while you can

Inside Julius.

Julius performs a boneless. Madison, Wisconsin. Spring 2010.

Alright, alright. ‘Julius Keen’ doesn’t exist. My name is Ben Godfrey. I started Like a Wave in January 2010 while attending the University of Wisconsin. I have since earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English. My focus was in poetry and creative writing.  I took elective credits in philosophy, fine art and theater. After graduation, I lived in South Korea for a year. I worked at a public middle school in Icheon city, a mecca for any sculpture enthusiast.
At present, I live and work in Boston, Massachusetts. The rest is hearsay.


Blogger “Julius Keen” grew out of an interest in collage and a desire to combine passions. Like A Wave lumps together writing, photography, and skateboarding.  Julius provides a voice capable of making this multimedia experiment have some cohesion (but not much). The tag line ‘run while you can‘ should be interpreted as a warning advisory. Content on this site is highly nonsensical and, therefore, elicits an essential practice in media digestion, which is: take-in as much as you like but always with a grain of salt.

Material is added to the blog on a regular basis. The front page is open for perusing. If your interests are more concentrated, please reference the categories on the righthand side of this page.

Go ahead, give this crapshoot a shot.


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